Jump Bridge Day Schedule


Bridge Day is a collaborative effort brought to you by dozens of volunteers. Here are some, but by no means, all the people who work hard so that we are all able to jump the NRGB.


The only true local Fayettville BASE jumper, Marcus Ellison, has taken on the responsibility of the Chief Volunteer. As the BASE adviser to the Bridge Day Commission, Marcus has been instrumental in building a positive new relationship with the BDC, the Fayette Chamber, and the local community. Marcus is continuing to push for more amenities for jumpers.

Chief of Staff

Gregor Weeks
Gregor Weeks
Gregor has been having too much fun at Bridge Day for over a decade and has performed just about every staff job there is.

Chief Safety Officer

Jimmy Kensill
Jimmy Kensill
Anyone who has met Jimmy will tell you that he is the safest jumper you will ever meet, and no one has helped more jumpers stay safe. Safety is the the highest priority at Bridge Day 2022 and we want to do whatever we can to to keep you safe throughout the entire event.

Water Rescue / Highline rescue

Tom Dragan and DDI
Tom Dragan and DDI
Tom Dragan and DDI will be providing water rescue again this year. Tom and his family have been there to pick up BASE jumpers for years and are continuing the service to the sport.