Highlights of Bridge Day 2024

For 2024 we are trying to make the event easier for staff to manage. 90% of staff effort is spent managing the 10% of the jumpers who don't register, show up late, or both. As a result, this year registration will close on Monday, October 16th. We want to have as many people jump as possible, but we do have to ask you to make your plans and commit to jumping at Bridge Day 2024 by Monday the 16th. Also, please plan ahead to be at the Oak Hill Holiday lodge by 5:00 PM on Friday the 20th. If you cannot, you may not be able to get your badge and not get to jump. We try to accommodate everyone, but this is still BASE jumping and you should be able to plan your jump mission well enough to get here on time so as to not cause everyone a lot of extra work. We are looking forward to another great day of jumping!