Jump Bridge first jump

Gear Requirements

We think it is a good idea to jump only BASE gear, but you can jump any free packed 7 cell F-111 canopy in any skydive or BASE rig. Check out the list on this page of BASE rigs and canopies that are recommended.

Is your's long enough? Your bridle. It has to be 9' long and you have to use at least a 38" pilot chute. Most people us a 42" for any and all jumps at the New. A tailpocket is also a good idea if you want a clean opening. All gear will be checked when you check in.

Helmets and other protective gear are not required, but its a good idea if you don't want to win the DFH Award. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Learn to pack here: Learn to Pack

Approved Canopies:

All Apex BASE Canopies, Fox, Mojo, Flik, Ace, Blackjack, Dragon, Dagger, Troll, OSP, Trango, Raven, Pursuit, Cruislite, Pegasus, Fury, Sharpchuter, PD 7-cell, Eiff Rock Dragon, H2O, Tektite, Aquila, BaseX, Seven, Feather, Mayhem Classic, Triathalon, Stratocloud, Parafoil, Lightning, Lopo, Hayduke, Outlaw.

Approved Rigs:

Apex BASE containers, Wizard, Sorcerer, Merlin, Vision, Medusa, Gargoyle, Genesis, WSX-treme, Razor, Helium, Perigee, Perigee Pro, Perigee II, Odyssey, Reactor, Warlock, Bandit, Neo, Edge, Prism, Raptor, Vertex, Soft Cock, Huck It, Atmosphere, Hybrid, Relax, Zak, Bad Seed Diablo, Menace, Yeti, Crux, Stream,, Talus Any TSO'ed skydiving rig.

Squirrel, or any other BASE specific gear.