Jump Bridge first jump


Most everything you need to know
How many jumps do I need?
You must have made 50 skydives to jump.
When do I need to register?
Registration opens July 1st, and you can register up until Monday, Oct 14th, or until all 400 slots are gone. $15 late fee after October 1st.
How much does it cost?
Jump Passes are $90.00, late fee of $15 after October 1st.
What's included in my registration fee?
Your jump pass, event shirt, swag bag, and post jumping pizza and beer.
What is the deal with security for 2024?

Just like last year, no background checks, no finger scans, no hassle. The only thing you need to do is register. If you elect to drive yourself to the bridge, you will have to go through the security gates.

Is BASE jumping at Bridge Day safer than other 1st jumps?
Is training provided?
What kind of safety gear should I wear?
How many jumps can I make?
Most people do 2 to 3, but as many as 10 has been done. It all depends on how many rigs you own and how fast you pack.
How bad (or good) is the Landing Zone?
Will we have to take the buses to the bridge in the morning, or will the cops at the gate let us in early if we park our cars down by the bridge?
There are 3 options to get to the exit point. 1. Go out with the exit point crew at 6:30. 2. Take the buses from the Holiday at 8:00. 3.
Drive yourself and fight for the best parking you can get. The bridge does not open until 9:00, so you can't walk out until it opens. If you want to get off super early, take option 1 or 2.
Can I get a bus pass for my friend/wife/etc?
Yes you can. They cost $25.00 and they sell out early Get yours here LINK. "Transportation plan page- New page needs designed." Will have a map and instructions. See logistics pdf attached.