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  • Jump Bridge Day
Registration Begins July 1st!
Jump at Bridge Day 2019
Saturday, October 19th at the New River Gorge Bridge, WV
Bridge Day is the oldest and largest organized BASE jumping event in the world, held annually on the third Saturday in October in Fayetteville, WV. It also happens to be the largest one day event in the state of West Virginia, attended 100,000 spectators who can watch a BASE jumper leap off the 876' New River Gorge Bridge every 30 seconds. On average, 400+ BASE jumpers from nearly every state and from countries as far as China gather for what is known as the biggest and most exciting extreme sports event on the planet. BASE Jumping has been a part of Bridge Day since 1980 when just a handful of jumpers (there were only a few since the sport started in 1977). By 1984 over 400 jumpers attended, as they have each and every year, making an average of 800 jumps. First time jumpers have been a big part Bridge Day since it began, and it remains that way today. Each year an average of 100 first time jumpers are attracted to it’s abundant height, managed rescue water landing, density of BASE advice, and readily accessible training. Bridge Day is a fantastic place to make your first jump, just ask the 3,000+ people who have done it!

Whats new for 2019?

We are working on a new toy, the Super Rope Swing! This will entail a small portable crane boom that will be the anchor point for a 40' long rope swing. We don't have all of the details sorted out, but we are working hard to engineer it. Also, we are changing to a new registration site to help make check in flow more easily. We are also adding more fencing to the staging line to keep spectators out and make the line flow better.

Base Jump

First Time jumper? Bridge Day is the place to make your first BASE Jump.
Click here to go to our First Jump course information page.


Free Packing Class at Bridge Day 2019!

I am pleased to announce that the legendary Mike Greer will be putting on his highly informative and supremely entertaining packing class on Friday at the Holiday Lodge. If you are a new or newer jumper and want to learn more about gear and packing, you'll want to attend.

Questions about gear

I've had a few questions about gear. Any BASE specific rig and canopy is good to go. You must have a 9' bridle, and a 42" PC. We also allow, but not necessarily recommend, a skydiving rig with a free packed 7 cell canopy.

First time jumper at Bridge Day 2019

If you are a first time jumper at Bridge Day 2019 you must sign up for a first jump course. Marc Lambert from Twinfallsbase.com will once again be running the Bridge Day Special 6 hour course. If you want a full FJC, Johnny Utah will be running a 3 day course starting on Weds Oct 12th. johnnyutah.com for more info. Registration starts July 1st. Cya!

Background check

It's official! As of today's meeting, there will be no background check or finger scan required to jump at Bridge Day 2019! All that is required is to register and have a valid ID (driver license or passport). Register early because jump order will be determined by registration, and the Holiday Lodge will book up quickly. Here is the link, which will open up on July 1st.